Knights of Columbus Hall

1021 Woodside Ave

Essexville, MI 48732

Mid-Michigan Model Makers Contest Judging Policy Statement

The Mid-Michigan Model Makers has adopted the following judging policy with regard to judging member entries, in keeping with the spirit of IPMS standards.

1. 4M members will not be allowed to judge their own model entries in any “Category” in which they are entered.

2. Recognizing an individual’s expertise in a class, the 4M members will be allowed to judge a “Class” in which they are entered, however they will not be allowed to contribute in the event their own entry is considered for any potential award(s).

3. In the event a 4M member’s entry is considered for an award, the Head Judge will serve as the 3rd member of the judging team, or the member will be replaced by another qualified judge.

4. In all cases, the Head Judge will settle all disputes.