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     This year we are introducing a new, simpler registration form & process for entering your models on the day of the show. 

First off, here's the new REGISTRATION FORM:

After opening the registration form, complete the entrant information spaces- name, address, city, state, zip, email & phone number. You can do this online, just as you could last year.

In these sections, you will list each individual model, figure, or diorama you intend to enter.


The entry number is for  registration purposes, you don't need to do anything with it!


First, use the drop-down menu to select the CATEGORY your model will be entered into, then in the box to the right you can add a SHORT description. You will be able to list all of the modifications and additions you have made to your entry on the TABLE TAG.

Each sheet can list up to seven models. There will be additional sheets available onsite (or you can download additional sheets)  & you may use as many sheets as needed. Be sure to complete the top portion ON EACH SHEET you use.



     A blank table tag will be issued for each of your individual contest model(s)

Table tags will be issued to each contestant, one for each model, after the completed Registration Form is presented, upon entering the contest display area. You may be as detailed as you wish on your table tag,

     If you like, you are welcome to write as much as you may want to include.

You are also welcome (but not required) to include additional supporting documentation:

  • Kit instructions (*required in Box Build)

  • Subject Specifications

  • Paints & Decals used

  • Build photos (small photo booklets)

  • Additional reference materials

  • Descriptions of special materials or methods used in your build

  • Descriptions of modifications, or conversions performed on you entry


These can all be displayed with your entry.

Here's the new TABLE TAG:

After opening the TABLE TAG, use the DESCRIPTION box to provide us with all the information you want to share about your entry- any changes, modifications, add-ons, etc.

In this section, fill in the kit you started with, the subject , the scale, and the CATEGORY you model is entered into.

Below the dotted line, be sure to fill in YOUR NAME & PHONE NUMBER, in case we need to reach you during the show regarding your entry.

DO NOT FILL IN THE ENTRY NUMBER OR THEME ENTRY OR JUDGE'S USE fields. These are for club use only.

This TABLE TAG is for TWO entries, separate them by cutting on the dotted line where noted.

Click here

to download your REGISTRATION FORM and TABLE TAG.

Please note: this is NOT a pre-registration or online registration. You need to fill out your forms and print them out using YOUR printer, then bring them with you to the contest on the day of the event.  Blank forms will also be available at the registration table if you wish to fill them in at that time.

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